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A GOOD BALANCED FEED RATION is the foundation of any animal’s ability to express their genetics to its greatest potential. Whether you are trying to achieve success in the showring or simply improve feed efficiency at home, you understand that a quality fat supplement is one of the most important components in the diet and it plays a vital role in meeting the energy (caloric) demands of virtually every metabolic process. It’s a key ingredient when it comes to reaching that desired level of conditioning and bloom required to get your animals to not only look their best but enhance overall performance and production.

BENEFICIAL AT ALL STAGES OF DEVELOPMENT, Golden Flo Liquid Energy is a high-quality, non-refined soybean oil-based fat supplement formulated for all species of livestock, equine and companion animals. It boasts a distinctive aroma and unique flavor that draws animals to the feed bunk better than any product on the market. When blended or added to your animals feed ration, our proprietary formula is perfectly optimized to improve PALATABILITY and APPETITE, FEED CONSUMPTION and EFFICIENCY, WEIGHT GAIN and CONDITION, CARCASS CHARACTERISTICS, HAIR COAT and SKIN CONDITION and much more.



GOLDEN FLO’S ROLE IS NOT LIMITED to just show feeds. While Golden Flo gained its status as the leading liquid energy supplement in the show industry, it’s not limited to just that. We realize that there are vast differences in the goals and needs of our customers. No matter what the season or phase of production you’re in, Golden Flo is an ideal energy source for many different types of feed rations. To get animals started quickly on grain or to make it an easier transition at weaning time, add it to their creep feed or starter rations. To see improvements in feed consumption, efficiency and daily weight gains, add Golden Flo to grower or finisher rations. Better reproductive performance can be achieved by adding Golden Flo to gestation or lactation diets. Not only is Golden Flo a great fuel source for the energy (caloric) demands of performance horses but it can also lower the risk of health conditions such as colic or laminitis by reducing the amount of starch (carbs) in the ration. From supplements to complete feeds, pelleted or textured, bagged or bulk...Golden Flo will enhance various types of feed rations for all species of livestock and equine.

WE’D LIKE TO THANK YOU for your interest in Golden Flo and taking the time to visit our website. As a family owned and operated company, we are dedicated to providing a superior product and personalized service. Introduced to the industry 4 decades ago, Golden Flo’s longevity is a result of our customers success. Whether you are just starting out or you’ve fed Golden Flo in generations past, we are confident that this “secret ingredient” will give your animals the competitive edge and help them reach their genetic potential. Start feeding Golden Flo today to ensure your success tomorrow!


Yes, you read that right! We believe in the value of our product and stand behind it! We’d be happy to send you a free 1 lb. sample if you’d like to try it before you buy it. We’re confident your animals will love this product and you will love the RESULTS!

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