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HERE AT WHITFIELD’S, we are dedicated to providing quality livestock nutrition and customer service while building one-on-one relationships with our customers. On the market for over 3 decades, Golden Flo Liquid Energy is a soybean oil based supplement developed for all livestock, equine, and companion animals. It boasts a distinctive aroma and unique flavor that draws the animals to the feed bunk better than any product on the market. Often imitated but never duplicated, our proprietary formula is perfectly optimized to improve palatability, feed consumption, efficiency, absorption and nutrient utilization, carcass characteristics, skin and hair coat condition, and more. Ultimately, Golden Flo will improve the overall health and well being of your animals, which leads to increased performance, production, and profitability. Visit the Golden Flo link to discover more benefits for your feeding program or operation.

GIVE YOUR ANIMALS THE COMPETITIVE EDGE and help them reach their genetic potential. Like a successful harvest, success and achievement in the show ring must be cultivated. We understand the hard work and effort it takes to raise and prepare your animals to compete in the show ring. Your animals will stand out from the competition when you include Golden Flo Liquid Energy in your feeding program. We’re confident that Golden Flo will help you produce a champion and put you in the winner’s circle! We strongly believe in giving back and investing in the future of the livestock industry. Therefore, we are proud to support and reward young exhibitors who are active participants in 4-H and FFA with our ‘Trophy-Approved’ Show Rewards Program. Golden Flo is one of the most trusted and reliable brands on the market and will provide the RESULTS you’ve come to expect and appreciate. It’s Unique…Superior…Proven!

GOLDEN FLO’S ROLE IS NOT LIMITED to the show industry. While Golden Flo gained its notoriety as the leading liquid energy supplement in the show industry, it’s not limited to just that. No matter what the season or what phase of production you’re in, Golden Flo provides many benefits with proven results…from START to FINISH. From supplements to complete feeds, pelleted or textured, bagged or bulk…Golden Flo will improve the quality of your feeds. Big or small, we are always looking for more dealers. From an individual farmer or rancher, to a feed store, elevator, retail/distributor, show supply or feed manufacturer; we want to partner with you. If you’re looking for a liquid fat/energy supplement or ingredient that is known for its quality and consistency, make Golden Flo your #1 choice.

WE ARE PROUD TO CARRY ON THE TRADITION as a family owned and operated business. Golden Flo was formulated by the late William Whitfield, Animal Nutritionist from Gillespie, IL more than 3 decades ago. Bill and Ann Whitfield started their business manufacturing swine premix back in 1964, and he was one of the first to introduce this concept to the livestock industry. In the early 80’s, he realized that there had to be a better alternative to dry fat in livestock feeds that would provide more nutritional value and palatability for the animal, reduce dust and make it easier for the producer feeding it or mixing it. Just as he was a pioneer of the premix concept, he was also a pioneer in the liquid fat/energy supplement market. Imitation is the sincerest form flattery, hence our motto “Demand the Original…Accept No Imitations!” Unlike our competitors, we don’t cut corners or alter our formula to exploit fluctuations in commodities. It’s this consistency of quality, combined with superior results that turn first-time buyers into lifelong customers.

We’d like to THANK YOU for your interest in Golden Flo and for taking the time to visit our website! Our mission is to provide Quality, Consistency & Service! We VALUE all of our customers and dealers. We will go the extra mile and do whatever it takes to assist livestock producers, ranchers, retail distributors, elevators and feed manufacturers in achieving their goals.

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